We’re That Family


I’ve meant to post this story for a few weeks now, and I’m glad I finally found the time to do so. This is one of those stories that you tell your friends about other people and say things like, “My child knows better than to do something like that” ¬†or “I can’t imagine what else goes on inside that home.” Well as it turns out, this story is about my family. Yup, that’s right. Today until the end of forever, we are that family.

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The Brighter Side of the Coin

I’m starting to feel more like a human being again. After spending so many months working nights and weekends I’m not surprised that the lack of human contact has morphed my psych into a primordial loner. I became more aware of this during a family outing to the Ringling Bros Circus. Being out with my family did wonders for my well being, and I’m sure that all of my girls were oozing with giddy love for their old dad/husband. That was absolutely wonderful in every way, but what I want to touch on is the social exchange I had with an older gentleman.

Based on his stories, I’m pretty sure he attended the first Ringling Bros Circus ever. We shared stories of … Keep reading…

Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Currently, I am awaiting approval on a short piece I submitted to Brevity. In the meantime, I am revising a short story I published on Smashwords, completing my work for Full Sail, and prepping for a small series that I will be slowly releasing on Smashwords in roughly 10-15 pieces of flash fiction. I’m looking for an artist to design cover art for each piece so it may be some time before the first title is published. Regardless, I am really excited about it!

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