Traveler’s Guide to Idaho

A jobless southerner must escape the wrath of an enraged automaton and return home after falling through the pages of a book into a parallel universe.


Traveler’s Guide to Idaho

Flash Fiction | Short | Scifi

Karl Spudwick doesn’t believe in Idaho’s existence. For the past five years he’s been battling Linda on her home state’s arbitrary  existence and failing. With a heavy box in hand, he treads quickly across the stony walkway and up the steps to their baby blue house with quaint windows. Linda, dressed in military fatigues, is hot on his heels.

 “Why do you get to choose where we live?” he hollers, “It’s not fuckin’ fair!”

“Not fair?” Linda she replies, “I’m the one with the job!”

“You could’ve picked any state besides Idaho. I’ll never find another job here.”

“You won’t find a job because you were stealing company property from the last one!”

Karl stops at the top of the steps and faces her.

“It was already in the trash.”

He storms into the house grumbling and spitting random slurs. He enters an office and places the box on his desk. Other boxes are stacked around the room awaiting his attention. Reluctantly, he pulls a box cutter from his pocket and slides the blade through the ugly brown packing tape. He doesn’t remember packing this box. It’s filled with pages of old yellowed newspaper all dated for July 3, 1890.

“Huh, that’s weird,” he mutters.

Karl sifts through the various articles until his hand closes on something solid. He lifts a tattered book from the depths of the box. As he brushes away years of dust and gossamer from its cover, he catches the faint smell of potatoes. The title reads: Traveler’s Guide to Idaho by Frank R. Gooding. Gooding is Linda’s maiden name.

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Author: Troy Martin

Freelance writer, blogger, lover of Lovecraft, and dark sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast brings an inkwell of fresh blood, tears, and vengeance to the genre.

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