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A Junky And His Bounty

A reckless bounty hunter tracks his target to a lonely diner on the Mars Intergalactic Spaceport. He’ll have to face an old, deadly friend and overcome his addictions if he wants to bring in this bounty.


A psychiatric patient details the final moments before his plunge into insanity and soon discovers the nightmares plaguing his comatose mind are all too real.

Killings, Willis

The original Killings was written by Andre Dubus in 1979 about a man, Matt Fowler, who is forced to confront his son’s killer. This short story is told from the perspective of Matt’s friend and willing accomplice, Willis.

New Girl: Nine Lives

Jess accidentally smothers Ferguson and enlists Nick’s aid to revive him before Winston finds out. Schmidt tells Coach he still loves Cece.

The Hunted

A hunter seeking vengeance for his wife’s murder tracks an alpha werewolf to its den only to find the tables turned making him the hunted.

Traveler’s Guide to Idaho

A jobless southerner must escape the wrath of an enraged automaton and return home after falling through the pages of a book into a parallel universe.