Short and Sweet

I’m totally suffering this morning: Kids, breakfast, Christmas Eve, laundry, dishes, secretly gathering/wrapping presents (okay, maybe this is more the wife than me), etc.┬áSometimes the holiday vacation days seem like more work than actually going to work–SCREAMS! BANGS! MORE SCREAMS! “DAAAAAD!”

*Takes many deep breaths*

It’ll be okay, right? I mean, they’re just children, right; not little demons sent to plague me by some greater force that thinks I need a lesson in being meek?

*Returns after the kids have gone to bed*

Well, it’s late and apparently Santa┬ácan’t visit unless I go to sleep… Something about his magic being powered by dreams. It sounds plausible. No life lessons today, just a lot of patience and love, which when it comes to children is a lesson you’re always learning. Happy holidays, everyone!