My Wife Drugged Me


As I was wiping down countertops, loading the dishwasher, and restoring our home to its rightful order a single though occurred to me: My wife drugged me.

Do I have your attention? Are you confused? Well, you should be … Keep reading…


Evolve Big Alpha Review Xbox One


My short time with Evolve Big Alpha left me wanting for more storyline even more so than Destiny, but at least I knew going in the main focus of this game was the multiplayer aspect. First and foremost, you either play as a team of hunters or a monster. Each are trying to destroy the other with the hunters protecting a generator on the map and the monster trying to destroy it after evolving to stage three.

You might be asking yourself, “So what makes this game different from any other game where I have to go there and shoot that?” Well, I’m glad you asked … Keep reading…