Black Science Vol. 1 (Image)

I recently discovered Black Science, and I was not disappointed. This review couldn’t have said it any better. Even if you’re on the fence about graphic novels, I promise you won’t be let down by Black Science. It’s mature, dark, and edgy and exactly what this format needs to break free from the comic book cliche created by Marvel and DC Comics. Super heroes don’t die but real heroes do.

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Rating: 5/5 – These are Worlds You’ll Want to Visit Over and Over Again.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Black Science borrows heavily from the Fantastic Four, but does so while adding in mature themes, violence, and a level of tangible danger that’s not currently found in mainstream super-hero comics. This is a story about a family that’s traveling through the multiverse and exploring the unknown, while also trying to solve their own problems from within themselves. Writer Rick Remender, and artists Matteo Scalera and Dean White have created something truly special with Black Science that combines the best of writing and art to create one of my favorite new series from Image. In this first volume of Black Science that collects issues one through six, we’re introduced to Grant McKay and his children, along with the rest of his team as they begin their journey into different realities.


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