The Invisible Man Has Nothing On A Blogger Gone AWOL!


I’ve been out of the blogging scene for…

*checks last post*

…Twenty-five days! Wow, I didn’t think it had been that long, but I guess time really gets away from you when life says, “Hey! You’ve got shit to do!” Life was not joking. I really had shit to do, and finally, I have less to do. So what was so monumental that it rendered me incapable of typing a few hundred words just for fun? I’ll give you two. I moved. I know what you’re thinking. ‘What? That’s it?’ Oh, let me tell you about it friends. Gather around for a little piece of horror that I know I won’t be soon forgetting. Actually, hang on for just a second.

*grabs a snack*

Okay. This story begins after working a twelve hour shift during an exercise. No, not the thing you do when you sweat. This exercise is a silly game us military folk like to play to test our ‘war readiness.’ Anyway, after my shift had ended, I thought I had earned myself a little nap and maybe a cookie. Nope. No sooner that I laid my head down to rest did the phone ring. It was the moving company with a surprise visit. Let me explain why it was a surprise. The way moving is supposed to happen in the military is very simple.

Step 1. Schedule your move.

Step 2. The movers call and schedule a date to ‘survey’ your home.

Step 3. One week or so from your move date the movers survey your home.

Step 4. The movers pack your home for one to three days depending on how much stuff you have.

Step 5. They move you.

The company that called me skipped straight to step four. Then, they decided to only pack half of my stuff and come back three days later to pack the rest and move it in the same day. Luckily, my daughters were happy beating sticks together and chasing the dogs during that three day span when all of their stuff was packed away. To top it off, they broke a bunch of our stuff in the move. Here’s the best part. They moved us a mile and a half down the road. That’s it! Here I am three weeks later still recovering from this move.

I’m sure you’re still thinking that I don’t have much to complain about, but I believe moving is a big process for a writer. I had an office where I was at, and now I do not. Now, my office space shares the kitchen and living room. I sit in the corner of the ‘L’ in case you were wondering, but at least I still have a window to look out of. This specific corner is littered with distractions. Don’t misunderstand me. I love my family and all of the distractions they provide. A lot of the time they provide inspiration for what I write, but writing isn’t just a process that can be called upon whenever the writer wants to write. It’s a state of being, and comfort, and different for everyone. You have to discover what helps and what hinders this process on your own. I wish I had a good way to describe this. Oh wait! I do!

In other news, I have about three months before I attain my bachelors. Yay! And just before that my daughter will be born. The next few months are going to be very exciting.

*scrolls up and reads what was wrote*

Hmmm… I’m sure that I’m leaving something out, but I can’t quite place it. Oh well! If I did my wife will let me know. Wives are good for that sort of thing. They’re like Apple’s reminder application except they do a way better job of not letting you forget your prior engagements. Some people call this nagging. I just remembered what I was forgetting. We have not agreed upon a baby name. Suggestions are welcome…


Author: Troy Martin

Freelance writer, blogger, lover of Lovecraft, and dark sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast brings an inkwell of fresh blood, tears, and vengeance to the genre.

2 thoughts on “The Invisible Man Has Nothing On A Blogger Gone AWOL!”

  1. 25 days! Shame shame shame..remember that from our childhood oh brother of mine 🙂
    I can hardly say anything, considering I have the habit of compiling five days into 1 running day, and look up wondering how it’s 2 weeks later when it feels like only 3 days.

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