Learning My Calling

I’ve recently been drafting my outline for “Lost State of the Union” and it is so absolutely wonderful that I don’t think I could bare breaking it down into roughly 10-15 pieces of flash fiction. I apologize if anyone was looking forward to this series of short stories, but I believe justice is better served in its entirety instead of small pieces. On the brighter side, school is coming along very well, and I’m only a few months away from obtaining my bachelors. Yay!

This month I’m taking a class on storyboarding, animation, and comic writing. It’s really exciting and I get to flex my creative muscles in a semi-group setting with my class. Originally, we each had to create a character according to some perimeters set by our instructor on a collaborative website called Popplet. From there, we created three different premises for an animation short using those characters. We posted the three premises and then voted on each others stories. Whatever story had the highest votes would continue on into an outline and then a script.

Popplet CharactersMy character was Ember Stryker under the Mars Intergalactic Spaceport setting. When I created Ember, all of the other characters that had been posted seemed to safe so I created him to shake things up a bit. It definitely worked because I saw Ember come up in multiple story lines this past week. We are far from through with this class, but already I can see that animation and comic writing is probably part of my future calling. Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Happy blogging!



Author: Troy Martin

Freelance writer, blogger, lover of Lovecraft, and dark sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast brings an inkwell of fresh blood, tears, and vengeance to the genre.

2 thoughts on “Learning My Calling”

    1. Thank you, sis! I was trying to add some spice to the slew of characters that had already been posted. The other characters felt… Safe. I felt like I did a pretty good job of shaking things up. 🙂

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