What Do I Blog About?

I’ve been steaming over this question for quite some time now until moments ago, when Lady Luck bestowed a moment of clarity upon me in the shower. It occurred to me that I just want to create and share dark and beautiful stories. I want to explore that paper thin line between black and white, right and wrong, dark and light. These varying shades of grey are everywhere, in all stories in the form of novels, video games, movies, music, and even trading card games. There is never such a thing as pure good and evil when it comes to human intentions.

Over the coming weeks, maybe even years, I am going to be sharing and exploring the stories that really make me tick and even the ones that didn’t. In the world of digital information and literature they call this defining your brand. Before I decided to start a blog, I believed that I knew my personal brand; I was wrong. I have an inkling of what it may be, but it’s not enough to put into words just yet. That’s why I’m here sharing my thoughts with the world in hopes that my brand emerges from the chaos in my head.

So what do I blog about? I blog about me. I blog about my life and my beautiful family. I blog about my thoughts, opinions, and experiences. I blog not because I’m a professional, but because I have a voice and I can. I blog because as scared as I am of the opinions that the world may have of me, I am more scared of them not having an opinion of me at all.