The Brighter Side of the Coin

I’m starting to feel more like a human being again. After spending so many months working nights and weekends I’m not surprised that the lack of human contact has morphed my psych into a primordial loner. I became more aware of this during a family outing to the Ringling Bros Circus. Being out with my family did wonders for my well being, and I’m sure that all of my girls were oozing with giddy love for their old dad/husband. That was absolutely wonderful in every way, but what I want to touch on is the social exchange I had with an older gentleman.

Based on his stories, I’m pretty sure he attended the first Ringling Bros Circus ever. We shared stories of … Keep reading…


Night Shift Sucks

I’ve been on swing shifts for months now, and I can definitely say without a doubt that I am not a night owl. The past few weeks in particular have been killing me. I still write, just not as much. I have to take advantage of those times when I fall into that comfort zone of writing. Now is not one of them. My wife doesn’t understand this.

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Seriously, This is a Problem?

Read Tom Lucas

Pardon me, have you seen my muse?
She used to come around quite a bit.
Lately she has been derelict in her duties.
I fear that she may have packed her bags and left no forwarding address.

In my younger years, my angst was strong.
My anger was vital and fueled me through dark nights.
My resentments, my secrets, my mistakes stood around my bed.
Staring down at me as I fitfully struggled to sleep.

Yes, youth. Hormones assuring every emotion would be felt to the fullest.
Deep and meaningful, the world around me full of color and detail.
Every thought I scribbled down was another layer of profound brick.
My pen and keyboard blazed with every declaration.

Love hurt, hate hurt, apathy hurt. I needed so much attention.
My esteem was low, my ignorance great, and my mouth didn’t know to shut.
Drama danced around me, picking me up…

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Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Currently, I am awaiting approval on a short piece I submitted to Brevity. In the meantime, I am revising a short story I published on Smashwords, completing my work for Full Sail, and prepping for a small series that I will be slowly releasing on Smashwords in roughly 10-15 pieces of flash fiction. I’m looking for an artist to design cover art for each piece so it may be some time before the first title is published. Regardless, I am really excited about it!

The story is about … Keep reading…

What if… ?

As I sit and enjoy my bowl of Crispix and almond milk, this question plagues my every waking minute. It is a single chip off of the writer’s mighty cornerstone, and it holds the weight of many worlds upon its two-word foundation. What if? What if this bowl of Crispix held a note from a cereal factory worker crying for help? What if I had awoken in my bed this afternoon floating on the ocean? What if the world was really flat? What would happen, and how would it affect my reality? Keep reading…


From time to time, it’s something we all have to deal with, and today, I failed my Physical Training (P.T.) test. I didn’t fail hard, but I did fail. I’ve failed a lot of different things in the past year, and I believe today was a message from the universe telling me it’s time to reevaluate my priorities. I could give you a thousand different excuses as to why I failed, but none of them would matter. The facts are that I did fail and it was my fault. The only thing that matters now is what I do afterwards.

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What Do I Blog About?

I’ve been steaming over this question for quite some time now until moments ago, when Lady Luck bestowed a moment of clarity upon me in the shower. It occurred to me that I just want to create and share dark and beautiful stories. I want to explore that paper thin line between black and white, right and wrong, dark and light. These varying shades of grey are everywhere, in all stories in the form of novels, video games, movies, music, and even trading card games. There is never such a thing as pure good and evil when it comes to human intentions.

Over the coming weeks, maybe even years, I am going to be sharing … Keep reading…